About Us

Zimtribes is a platform where families can record and keep track of their history or lineage information that will help current and future generations. The platform also helps Zimbabweans to know how they are related to each other. In one way or the other you are related to the person next to you or your neighbor.

Our Vision
To be the first and leading online family history platform in Zimbabwe.

Our Mission

  • To connect individuals and families through establishing their relationships.
  • To provide the best family lineage information in Zimbabwe and Africa.
  • To put a smile on users/customers faces.

Our Corporate Values
We are committed to providing secure family data storage platform to all our clients. Our ethos in origination, execution and completion of services are:
  • Integrity
  • Nimbleness
  • Transparency

  • To provide world class quality service to the end-users.
  • To delight our valued end-users’